Worry and hassle free packing and packaging service for you

Zelogtek- The Mil Spec Packaging Experts


Zelogtek, LLC., located in the Pittsburgh area, has over 25 years of experience in the US Military spec packaging business.  We provide all aspects of the packaging process including assistance with MIL-STD-2073 specifications, WAWF and RFID requirements. What this means to you is hassle-free compliance with US Military packaging specifications so that your product does not get rejected by the US Military due to packaging issues.


Zelogtek, LLC. also provides packing services for commercial shipments for clients who do not have export packaging experience or are simply too busy to worry about this minor but crucial function within the product logistics chain. We have the ability to perform this service either at our facility or at your location.


Zelogtek, LLC. is also able to help you incorporate the right corrosion prevention and control system within your manufacturing process to achieve zero rust. We do this through a combination of corrosion inhibiting products and technical services from Zerust®.